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Business trip report for the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Expo (ADIPEC) exhibition

Exhibition Background Introduction

Exhibition time:

October 2-5, 2023

Exhibition location:

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, United Arab Emirates

Exhibition scale:

Since its establishment in 1984, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Expo (ADIPEC) has undergone more than thirty years of development and has become the top oil and gas exhibition in the Middle East and even Asia and Africa, ranking among the three major oil and gas industry exhibitions in the world. The data of the 40th Abu Dhabi Oil Show are as follows: 30 national exhibition groups, 54 national oil companies, and 2200 exhibitors; 10 summits, 350 sub forums, 1600 speakers, 15000 attendees, and up to 160000 viewers.

Exhibition scope:

Mechanical equipment: oil well equipment, welding technology and equipment, separation equipment, oil tank equipment, lifting equipment, ventilation equipment, blade turbine, electric transmission device and its assembly, etc;

Instruments and meters:

valves, transformers, temperature sensors, stabilizers, recorders, filters, measuring instruments, gas measuring instruments, etc;

Technical services:

separation technology, surveying and mapping technology, refining, refining, purification technology, quality inspection, gasoline pump, liquefaction technology, pollution control and protection, pressure transmission detection technology, etc;


oil depot engineering, drilling platforms, experimental and simulation systems, safety systems, alarm systems, explosion-proof devices, insulation materials
Oil and gas pipelines, pipeline protection systems, various metal pipelines and rubber hoses, their connecting devices, filter screens, etc.

Exhibition purpose:

Propaganda and promotion/Sales and business development/Establishing business connections/Market research

Exhibition Harvest:

This exhibition is the first to open after the epidemic. As one of the three major oil and gas industry exhibitions in the world, ADIPEC has attracted a lot of people every day during the four day exhibition. The Some photos of the scene are as follows:


Post time: Oct-18-2023