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Food and beverage industry


Application fields of special alloys in food machinery industry:

Various materials are widely used in food machinery and equipment. In addition to various metal materials and alloy materials, there are also wood, stone, emery, ceramics, enamel, glass, textiles and various organic synthetic materials. The technological conditions of food production are quite complex and have different requirements for materials. Only by mastering the various properties of materials can we make the correct choice and make the correct choice to achieve good use effect and economic benefits.

In the production process, food machinery and equipment contact with various media under various conditions. In order to prevent food from being polluted in these contacts and ensure the equipment can be used for a long time, there is a great deal of attention to the use of food machinery materials. Because it is related to food safety and people's health.

Special alloy materials commonly used in food industry:

Stainless steel: 316LN, 317L, 317LMN, 254SMO, 904L, etc

Nickel-based alloys: Incoloy800HT, Incoloy825, Nickel 201, N6, Nickel 200, etc 

Corrosion resistant alloy: Incoloy 800H