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Water treatment industry

Rusty steel pipe stakes coming from out of the sea

Application of special alloys in seawater desalination field:

The equipment and materials used in the seawater desalination process must have corrosion resistance characteristics, and the selection and design principles of the materials depend on the service environment of the materials. Stainless steel has become an ideal material due to its corrosion resistance and durability, and is used in various desalination methods.

Because the seawater contains a large amount of corrosive substances, and the shell, water pump, evaporator and high-temperature pipeline required for the manufacture of seawater desalination equipment are all parts that are in direct contact with high concentration seawater, and must have strong corrosion resistance, so the general carbon steel is not suitable for use. However, super austenitic stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel and cold rolled titanium have excellent seawater corrosion resistance, which can meet the requirements of seawater desalination engineering, and are ideal materials for multi-effect distillation and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Special alloy materials commonly used in seawater desalination field:

Stainless steel: 317L, 1.4529, 254SMO, 904L, AL-6XN, etc

Nickel base alloy: Alloy 31, Alloy 926, Incoloy 926, Incoloy 825, Monel 400, etc

Corrosion resistant alloy: Incoloy 800H